Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Soo Guy and Guy Ding?
- Soo Guy is the crunchy bread-like chicken
- Guy Ding is chicken meat mixed with various chopped vegetables

What are some recommended dishes?
- The meat egg rolls are a must! They make THEIR OWN PLUM SAUCE!
- Butterfly Shrimps
- Ginger Beef and Singapore Vermicelli
- If you eat in: try their "international dinner" or
try their Bo Bo Platter during a special occasion

When does the buffet come on?
- their buffet is on during the dinner times of Friday, Saturday and Sunday usually between 4:30 pm to 8 pm
- The buffet is also available during the special occasions: New Year's Eve and Mother's Day.

how much does the buffet cost?
- The price is $11.99 per person

Are there any vegetarian foods to order?
- See combination plate #10 on the take out menu
- plain/vegetable or mushroom chop suey
- vegetable egg roll
- Chinese vegetables
- steam rice or vegetable fried rice
You should also mention that you are a vegetarian when ordering.
This way they may also suggest or allow other dishes to be modified just for you.

Why aren't some dishes listed?
- Some dishes are very similar to the currently offered dishes, or just slight modifications of them. For example, Orange Chicken is similar to Lemon Chicken. Similar situation for Orange Beef and Ginger Beef. Just ask if you are curious if it can be made.

Questions Regarding Delivery

Can I use a debit card for delivery orders?
- Currently do not accept debit cards on delivery orders but debit is accepted on pickup orders.

I do not have cash with me. Are there other ways to pay for delivery orders?
- Payment for delivery can be made over the phone with most major credit cards.
Check with the restaurant to make sure it is accepted before placing the order since not all credit cards may be accepted.

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